The Beer Moment

A couple of blog posts caught my eye recently. They both talked about how there’s always a time and a place for drinking crap beer. First I read Mark Johnson’s extremely long post, which seemed a bit fed up with some of the snobbery around the craft beer ‘scene’. And then Pete Brissenden chimed in with a piece from his excellent blog about his love of drinking crap beer.

These views got me to thinking about a piece that I wrote about the ‘Beer Moment’ for the Session 63, back in 2012 on my old blog.

I deleted my old blog last year. So I didn’t think I had access to it anymore. Then I managed to find a cached version. So here is my view on the ‘Beer Moment’, first published on 4th May 2012:

“The beer moment. The moment that beautiful amber nectar rolls around your mouth tantalising your taste buds. The satisfying moment you swallow and contemplate the hoppy residue left behind. Except that’s not what it’s ever really about. The beer moment is all about context. It’s all about where you are, who you’re with and how you’re feeling at that moment.

I can think back to lots of beer ‘moments’.

Sitting on the shores of Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, an hour or so before sundown, perfectly relaxed, chatting with my wife and sipping a glass of Moza.

Toasting the wonderful news of the engagement of great friends with a pint of standard, mass–produced lager – because that’s what there was.

Eating an absolutely astounding burger in the Cheesecake Factory in Union Square in San Francisco with my first ever Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.

The synchronised pulling of ring-pulls on our cans of lager as the 8.30am football express pulled out of the station, seemingly on a mission solely to deliver us to the pub in a Northern outpost for opening time.

And going back a few years, the confidence booster, the Dutch Courage required to talk to a particular girl or help you feel like the centre of attention.

You see, context is everything. No one beer moment is ever the same, even ones that seem to be. Every day is different, your mood is never the same. You’re with different people, doing different things.

And that’s what’s so great about beer, for me at least. Like no other drink, it caters for all of those different needs.

Whether it’s putting a bad day behind you, just chilling out or slaking a mighty thirst.

Or savouring an amazing steak at a special dinner out, accompanying a meaty pie in the pub or just with a simple sandwich for your lunch.

Or feeling part of a group, connecting and bonding with your mates or following a ritual or tradition.

Or celebrating a birth, a marriage or remembering someone recently lost.

Or just letting go, cutting loose and partying.

That’s why I love beer. It’s the drink for any moment. Any moment can be a beer moment. And the moment is usally a better one for the beer.”

How do you feel about this topic? What’s your favourite crap beer moment?


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